Stage 1- Your complaint:

  • Please put your complaint in writing either by letter or email and address it to the office manager at your local office.
  • Please include as much detail as possible, including dates, name of any members of staff you dealt with, and where you are able to enclosing/attaching any supporting evidence.

Stage 2- Our acknowledgement:

  • Your complaint will be acknowledged within three working days and we will start our in house complaints procedure.

Stage 3- Our Investigation:

  • Your complaint will be investigated by the office manager of the local office who will provide a formal written response addressing your specific complaints and proposing resolution where appropriate.
  • Timescale – 15 working days of receiving your complaint.

Stage 4- Review of the decision:

  • If you are not happy with the response of the office manager you can request a further review by the Director of the company who would investigate the complaint for you.
  • The director will then provide a formal written final viewpoint letter.
  • Timescale – 15 working days from the date a review is requested.

Stage 5 Property Ombudsman:

  • If you remain dissatisfied following the final viewpoint letter, you can then refer your complaint to The Property Ombudsman    Details of how to do this can be found at